Monday, February 6, 2012

Frankfort Mineral Springs

Our third nature photography trip brought us to the remains of what was known as Frankfort Mineral Springs Health Resort. The somewhat hidden area is located in Raccoon State Park and features a small waterfall, cave-like rock features, and orange mineral deposits flowing from some of the rocks. I live pretty close to Beaver County so I'm not sure why I've never been there, but I'm really glad we took this trip. I definitely want to see this area after a good snowfall or once ice has formed.


On the wooded path toward the springs, I first encountered a small house that was empty with some graffiti here and there. The inside of the house was pretty boring, but I enjoyed capturing some of the nature looking through the windows. Also, the roof of the house was covered in moss, which when photographed up close, reminded me of little forests.

I probably spent more time in the wooded area surrounding the mineral springs rather than where the waterfall was, which I regret a little. At the time, most of the class was in that small area, making it hard to avoid getting people in the shots. 

Once we got to the waterfall area, I found it hard to present the waterfall in a unique way. Most of my shots were pretty boring and basic. I did really enjoy photographing the orange deposits on the leaves and rocks. Since it was warm that day, a lot of the ice was melting, causing dripping water everywhere.

One thing I've been trying to do on each trip is get low to the ground. I usually don't do this with my photography, but I've discovered that I really like some of the pictures when I try this. Sometimes we forget to take a closer look at what's beneath our feet.

I decided to include this last image because I really liked the contrast of the bright green moss with the muted blues and browns in the background. Although the main attraction was the mineral springs, the surrounding forest area proved to be full of good photo opportunities. 

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