Monday, September 24, 2012

Business of Photography Self Assignment #1

For my business of photography class, our first self-assignment could be anything we wanted. As the semester progresses, my self-assignments will have a theme and hopefully become part of my portfolio. But for now, I shot this photo of my sister Katie drawing at her desk. I wanted to re-visit a film project I did in Black & White III which was about my home life. I mostly photographed the interior of my home, but I also photographed my family members going about their daily activities. I backlit Katie using a desk lamp to give the edge of her a nice glow.

Steve (Hot Lights Assignment)

Shooting in the studio is not something I have experience in or I'm comfortable with, which is exactly why I took studio photography. I'm also not used to posing people, so I hope to get more comfortable with that.  For the hot lights assignment I didn't really have any specific ideas. My goal was to just try to get used to the studio and what effects the lights have. I photographed my boyfriend, Steve. This was actually my first time shooting in the studio by myself.

Autumn Fest - Treasures in the Park (Feature)

Since this time of year is usually busy with fall festivals and community events, I decided to attend one and photograph some of the people and vendors. It's always interesting to see how communities come together and how they celebrate with these kind of festivals. I headed over to Leetsdale for their Autumn Fest - Treasures in the Park, which is a fundraiser for Leetsdale's Garden Club. The festival was from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Henle Park. There were artists, flea market items, food vendors, and kids' activities.

Louise Zagorski of Leetsdale prepares cookies with icing to be decorated at Autumn Fest on September 22, 2012 in Leetsdale, Pa. Her cookie decorating booth was part of the Children’s Area which included pumpkin decorating and face painting. 

Jimmy Gilbert of Leetsdale holds up an old sign for Bethlehem Steel that he purchased at Autumn Fest on September 22, 2012. Gilbert was an employee of the company as a welder and he wanted to pick up “a little memorabilia” to show his grandkids. 

Debbie Gaus of Butler, who runs Party Ponies and Farm Friends, watches over her petting zoo during the festival. The company, which is ran by her family, provides pony rides and a petting zoo where people can feed and learn about the animals. 

Jamie Johnson of Ambridge runs her own booth for her company, Flutter, at Autumn Fest on September 22, 2012. Johnson is an independent designer and creates knit apparel and jewelry.

Tina Caro of Pittsburgh helps run a booth at the festival for her cousin’s candle company, Apple City Scents. The company, run by Andrea Torrelli, sells hand-poured soy candles, votives, and air fresheners. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

NOCC Walk to Break the Silence (General News)

For the general news assignment in my photojournalism class, we had to photograph some type of newsworthy scheduled event. I had volunteered to photograph the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's Walk to Break the Silence on Sunday, September 9 and I decided this would fit the assignment perfectly. Since I was assigned specific areas to photograph by the NOCC project manager, I found it difficult to focus on what I wanted to photograph specifically. It was also nearly impossible to get names and speak with people since my responsibilities as a NOCC volunteer came first. However, I was happy with many of the photos I took and enjoyed covering the event. I think a few of my photos would have definitely benefitted from having names or getting a quote, so I realize the importance of that for the future.

A volunteer puts teal paint on a cancer survivor’s hand to be placed on a banner commemorating survivors who were a part of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s Walk to Break the Silence on Sunday, September 9, 2012. Before the walk took place, walkers had the chance to participate in activities set up at the North Park Boathouse to raise awareness for ovarian cancer and celebrate the survivors.  

A NOCC Walk to Break the Silence participant studies the wall of courage outside of the memory tent at the North Park Boathouse on Sunday, September 9, 2012. The memory tent honored those who battled ovarian cancer. 

An ovarian cancer survivor hugs a walk participant during the activities before the NOCC’s Walk to Break the Silence on Sunday, September 9, 2012. The walk, which took place at North Park, benefits ovarian cancer awareness and education programs.  
The ribbon is cut at the NOCC’s Walk to Break the Silence on Sunday, September 9, 2012. Walkers had the choice of a 1 mile or 5 mile route. 

Participants of the NOCC’s Walk to Break the Silence begin their walk on Sunday, September 9, 2012. Walkers included ovarian cancer survivors, their friends and family, and those who wanted to honor loved ones who were lost. 
An ovarian cancer survivor walks with her team of family and friends in the NOCC’s Walk to Break the Silence on Sunday, September 9, 2012. Several teams participated in the walk and showed their support with custom t-shirts and signs.