Saturday, February 25, 2012

McConnells Mill

McConnells Mill State Park is somewhere I've been to a few times, so on this trip I was hoping to explore some unknown areas in the park. I did a little research on the park beforehand and realized there's several waterfalls on various trails. Chris pointed me in the direction of the Kildoo Falls, which was a real treat to stumble upon on our hike. Although I did not get a full shot of the falls, I explored a flatter area of the stream of the falls. There was a lot of interesting little branches, stones, and a little ice here and there. I brought my tripod to try long exposures with the water, but it was difficult setting it up in the water.
Another area I really enjoyed photographing was nearby the mill, on the edge of the water. The light at that time of day was lovely and the water looked so peaceful.
This was one of my favorite trips for nature photography so far. Even though I had been here several times, I explored new areas and I really liked the photos I came away with. I also think I added quite a few new possibilities for my cohesive portfolio. These photos below are a few more ground level shots that I found along the different trails at the park.

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