Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trough Creek

Next up on our trips for nature photography was Trough Creek State Park. We woke up on a snowy day and made the three hour drive to the park. The snow stuck with us and it continued to snow during our time in the park. At first I was excited about the pretty snowfall, but at times the snowfall was heavy and got in the way of photographs. But when it was falling just right, it looks lovely in the background of some of my photos. Plus it covered the trees really nicely. 

Trough Creek seemed pretty massive to me which made it difficult to decide where to start. We headed toward the ice mine but the rushing water below the path caught my attention. After crossing a bridge, I began capturing the water and snow covered branches. I was really trying to stick with my cohesive idea, which is focusing on what's on the ground level. I think it was good to be in this mindset, but I probably missed a lot of other good photo opportunities too. These next three photographs are similar in composition, so I would probably only use one in my final portfolio. I'm not sure which one I like best, though. 

Another problem I had was I felt like I walked forever, only to find the same scenery. I think snow had a lot to do with this as well as the size of the park. However, I think I definitely got at least one photo that will work well cohesively. And I always enjoy taking photos of snowy wooded areas. Everything looks so peaceful and pristine. 
Next time I want to focus on using my tripod a little more. I have yet to really capture long exposures of water. But I do really like the harshness of the water in the photograph below.

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