Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Manufactured Landscapes

My response to the film Manufactured Landscapes:

     I really like how this movie opens with scenes inside of a manufacturing plant. Rather than through narration, the movie let's the footage and sounds of this industrial scene speak for itself.
     The photographer, Edward Burtynsky, talks about a different kind of landscape. Although he used to delve into nature photography, he moved into photographing mines and quarries and then eventually into the more industrial side of things including e-waste dumps and large factories in China.
     It's really interesting to hear how a photographer started in one particular area and still using the same idea, was able to transform it into something new. It makes one think about nature a little more in-depth, which was a great inspiration for this class. We often take "pretty pictures" of flowers or leaves but don't always look for a deeper meaning. This film makes you realize that you can take your nature photography (or any kind) in a totally new and exciting direction.
     I like how he incorporates people into his shots as well, which adds another dynamic to his work. I also like how he uses a lot of repeating elements that create patterns in his photos. The use of repetition makes his images that much more powerful.
     I enjoy that there's not a lot of talking in this movie because that really makes you focus on the images. Also, the movie heavily relies on sounds such as the machines and the clanging and pounding of metal. It makes you feel like you could almost be there.
     Overall, I enjoyed this movie because I think it makes a photographer take one idea and transform it into something new and different.

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