Monday, January 30, 2012

Presque Isle

Last winter I took a trip to Presque Isle and it looked like this...
See the rest of my photos here.
When the temperature is just right, Lake Erie freezes and the wind causes these giant snow dunes to form. It's kind of like Pennsylvania's equivalent to the arctic. Our nature photography class took a trip on Saturday but this time we weren't so lucky. With the mild weather we've been having (no complaints!), there hasn't been much in the way of snow or freezing temperatures. But even without the dramatic icy landscape, a beach in the wintertime is still quite beautiful.

We first wandered on a short trail that led toward the beach. Since some wet snow had just fallen, the branches along the path were adorned in water droplets.

Then we got to the shoreline and the sand was lightly covered in snow. Despite the wind and waves, the beach felt very peaceful and quiet. 

There was a decent amount of branches along the shore and if you got lucky, you might find a seashell. Although I've seen Presque Isle several times in the fall and spring, it was interesting seeing these elements covered in a bit of snow. Even though everything was a little gray-looking, I like how it sets the mood. It gives the photos a different feel than what you'd usually associate with a beach.  

These last few images are probably my favorites. I fussed around with shooting these a lot but I'm pretty happy with the outcome. They remind me a little of a tilt-shift effect, but I did not edit them at all. By getting low to the ground (and my handy flip out LCD screen), I was able to capture these. 

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