Monday, October 1, 2012

Moon Area High School Varsity Soccer (Sports)

When I first got to Point Park, I was convinced I wanted to be a sports photographer. I love hockey and I've photographed it before, so I thought sports could be really fun. Not far into my college career, I learned that photographing sports was not for me and this photojournalism assignment reconfirmed this. Sports photography is not easy. You have to have good timing and keep up with the action. It also helps if you understand the sport. I love hockey but I'm not into other sports at all. I knew I wanted a challenge so I decided I definitely wanted it to be a night sporting event. I couldn't make it to a football game so I decided on soccer. Maybe it's just me, but soccer seems like one of the hardest sports to photograph. I think it would have been a bit easier had it been during the day, too. The players move fast and up and down the field. You kind of have to stay in one area and hope the action comes to you because you obviously can't be chasing after it. I did not capture that perfect moment and I wasn't pleased with most of my photos. However, I am glad I took the challenge to photograph a fast-paced sport at night. And now I have no regrets about not being a sports photographer.

Moon Tigers vs. Ambridge Bridgers. September 21, 2012.

Hayden Keefer kicks the ball down the field, moving the play out of the Tigers' end zone.
A Bridgers player and Nick Davignon of the Tigers try to possess the ball.
An Ambridge Bridgers player takes a shot on Tigers' goalkeeper Nick Wasson. 

A Bridgers player grabs onto Matthew Keefer as he tries to possess the ball. 

Doug Ruffing takes a shot at the free kick awarded to the Tigers.

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