Friday, October 12, 2012

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are something I've always struggled with. Even when I took them for my black and white classes, something always went wrong. Since I seem to have a not-so-good history with environmental portraits, I was pretty nervous going into this. I chose to photograph the owner of Off the Avenue Antiques in Coraopolis. I really enjoy this shop and every time I've visited, the owner always seems really nice. I wasn't super happy with what I got, but the first one is definitely my favorite. I'm definitely lacking in variety of poses, but the other ones I took (including one of another employee at the shop) didn't turn out as well. I still enjoyed the assignment and hopefully with practice I'll continue to get more comfortable with environmental portraits.
Jim Barricella of Coraopolis owns Off the Avenue Antiques and Collectibles on the corner of 4th Avenue and Mill Street in Coraopolis, PA. Jim has been in business for 8 years and his shop features a variety of antique and vintage goods including furniture, household accessories, and clothing.   

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