Monday, March 19, 2012

Planet Earth Reaction

Planet Earth is a program that I never get tired of watching, and thanks to new technology, there’s new and exciting footage to look forward to.
There’s an aerial camera that gives magnificent views and allows the crew to capture the Earth in a whole new way. There’s also an infrared camera and an underwater camera. These all provide stunning new footage that may have been hard to imagine seeing just 5 or 10 years ago.
But rather than fawn over the incredible technology they’re using, I was reminded just how hard the Planet Earth crew works. They spend countless hours in extreme conditions, often risking their lives. It’s amazing the lengths they go through to get footage and it’s truly inspiring for anyone, especially a creative individual. One clip mentioned that they spent four weeks waiting for the perfect footage of polar bears. This job takes dedication.
Even though this new technology is ground-breaking and provides the audience with new experiences, it’s still humans behind the whole process. The crew is still challenged every day. Technology does not simply just make their job easier. Instead, it inspires them to find ways to put this technology to the best possible use. So I think it’s important as photographers to remember that. A new camera, a pricey lens, and a powerful external flash are great tools, but ultimately it’s up to the person behind the camera. New technology should inspire you to come up with new ways to challenge your work and push the boundaries even farther.
It’s easy to get wrapped up in technology and the amazing ways in which it aids us. But after all, it is just an aid. The Planet Earth crews still put in long hours and a lot of hard work. 

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