Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ohiopyle State Park

It was the early morning of St. Patrick's Day when my nature photography class headed out to Ohiopyle State Park. I was definitely looking forward to seeing this park since I'd never been there before. Our first stop of the trip was at the Cascades. The waterfall was beautiful, but left me somewhat uninspired. After taking a few photos of the waterfall and the surrounding water, we walked back along the trail. I did end up getting a few water shots that I really liked.
Next we stopped at what I'd describe as the main area of the park. There was more water to be found as well as a bridge. We sat along the rocks and I ended up taking most of my photos there. The sunlight was perfect and illuminated small puddles that had formed. There were also little grasses sprouting in areas. These were definitely some of my favorite photos, but in a way I wish I could go back and retake some of these.
The photo above is probably my favorite of the trip. I like how there's different layers and I especially like the settled leaves at the bottom of the photograph. 

For some reason I was feeling really sleepy for this trip. I had trouble focusing (and no, it's wasn't because of the holiday!) and just felt generally uninspired, which disappoints me. I feel like I regressed a bit on this trip. But I'm going to use it as motivation and I plan on rebounding on our next trip!

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