Monday, December 10, 2012

Studio Photography Final

           This project was inspired by fashion and in particular advertisements or editorial spreads in fashion magazines. I was also inspired by a light painting project I did last semester. I wanted to mix bright, colorful light painting with fashion. My favorite method of light painting is illuminating objects or scenes with a colored flashlight. I prefer actually “painting” the scene with light rather than writing with the lights.
The photos are a focus on the accessories and clothes rather than the person wearing them. I wanted to show off how one’s clothing and accessories they chose creates an overall look for that person. I did not want to show an entire face in order to make the focus precisely on the fashion elements. I chose diptychs because I wanted to get people shots as well as more detailed shots. The detail shots highlight the object or clothing item that the person is using.
            Parts of this project were painted with light, specifically the more detailed close-up shots. On the other half of the project I used my external flash with colored gels to illuminate the scene. I wanted to create bright, contrasty photographs that were fun and visually appealing through the use of color and light. Although I was focused on details and carefully set up the scenes, I did not want them to seem overly precise and perfect.
            Overall, this was more of a fun project for me that was out of my comfort zone. Fashion photography is not usually something I practice so I wanted to put my own interpretation on it. I got to experiment with light and colors and created what I believe are unique and fun fashion images. 

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