Monday, November 26, 2012

Light Painting

I've done light painting in the past and I've always enjoyed it so I was excited for this assignment in my studio class. I've light painted outside mostly in the past and did the classic random squiggles and such, so this time I moved indoors and wanted to try a few new things.

The first photo is of my polaroid camera. I was going for a crazy, fun lighting effect. I used a flash light covered in colored tissue paper to give the camera a red or orange cast, and then I moved around different colored glow sticks around the bottom to get the lines.

This next one is of a pinwheel and I used flashlights again with colored tissue paper and a green glow stick to cast the hints of green on the silver and on the wall behind. I also blew on the pinwheel to get the motion.

This last photo was supposed to be for my final project but it's now taken a different direction. In the photo below, I used my flash to fire a yellow cast on the picture, then light painted her coat orange with a flashlight, and light painted the leaf with a purple flashlight. Obviously it's not super sharp but I ended liking it anyway. My final project will be similar to this but indoors and hopefully a bit sharper.

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